Friday, December 1, 2006

Btain Teaser

There is a new trivia game in which contestants have to research the answer.  Sounds like fun. 

Here are two sports questions for which I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER. 

Ifyyou know the answers, or can look them up, let's hear from you.

1,  What was he first year in which college football allowed unlimited substitutions?

2.  What was the first year in which college football was allowed the "forward pass"?

No prizes.  Just a chance to show how smart you are or how well you can look things up,

1 comment:

wer2lucky said...

Forward pass just celebrated its 100th birthday on 9/5/06.
Unlimited substiturions were allowed in 1948 on change of team possession.  Other changes have been made since but that was the first year for unlimited subs at least in college football.