Saturday, December 2, 2006

Just a Little Growl

Not my usual mddle-of-the-night rant.  Just a little growl because I feel so much better.

Ah, the "golden years".  I was up FOUR times during the night to go to the bathroom.  And that is GOOD night. 

I had a "treatment" on my prostate last Monday and have been knocked out all week.  If "treatment" makes you feel this bad, woe is he who has to do without it.

Anyway, here I am, on my way back to bed, and looking foreward to a couple more hours sleep

Morning:  Eight hours sleep is not all it is cracked up t be.  Had my eight, less bathroom time, and still wake up logey and disoriented. 

It is going to be a good day, eventually..


garnett109 said...

Hey Chuck Have a great day!

madcobug said...

Hope you feel better as the day goes on. I hate those bathroom treaks but that is better than the alternative. LOL. Helen

mtrib2 said...

I am glad that you are upbeat and will enjoy the day.    I take medication for prostate that is helping.      The sharp pain in my back is finally better after several weeks with the weather now cold in the 30's.     I am still slow getting around but hope to get some needed housework done.    I ordered my more advanced home electrical wiring book from Amazon having enjoyed the first basic book on wiring.     I find learning about electricity and how to do connections in the home fascinating and want to become proficient at it.    mark

jckfrstross said...

just relax and don't over due it ok?