Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh, You Poor Cold Folks

Six thrity, got so tangled in my blankets, I had to get up.  Glad I live in snow free California

Hang in there, friends.  TV shows me how miserable I could be.


garnett109 said...

Coming soon to Pa Too!

mtrib2 said...

It is 26 degrees in S. Illinois and we had rain but no snow so far.    My woodburner kept me warm as toast last night as I sleep just several feet away from it and my Salty dog sleeps next to my bed.   My new addition from last fall that is small with a high ceiling only has R5 Styrofoam so far without a drop ceiling in it -  since being air tight is warm as could be.   That is just the ceiling part as I have the walls insulated with fiberglas done over half way.    The entire building is air tight with Styrofoam surrounding it under the last layer of plywood that holds the shingle exterior walls.     The addition still being worked on has the big 2 X 12 inch 16 foot boards starting the frame to hold the roof done so far ( on the second floor deck ).   My back has scar tissue that reacted in my upper/mid back and has been giving me sharp pain from lifting the one end of the large boards.    It will take me awhile to feel well enough to work on it again a little at a time.   I got my 'Home Wiring Made Simple' used text book and enjoy reading it.      mark

msecz said...

We just had a dusting today but it had to be shoveled anyway.... don't like walking on ice. The sun is shinning a bit now but almost ready to get dark again. It sure does get dark fast these days doesn't it.... Sandra