Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Magazine, Dec 25, 2006

Wow, what an issue, their annual double issue.  Person of the Year, and loads of articles about the web, the web-2, YouTube, Blogs, and Bloggers.

Makes the point that suddenly Media, broadcasting, news, entertainment is changing, and that we, the people, are making it happen.  We have embraced the digital information age and things are not the same in politics, art, interpersonal communication. 

I have never felt so empowered.  I love this issue

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jocalodave said...

My 10,000+ mile trip next year is intended, in part, to demonstrate how empowered ordinary people have become by the personal computer and Internet. I will use SEVEN media channels (blog, podcast, radio, newspaper, discussion board, map room, photo gallery) to describe and discuss my journey and the media.

I enjoyed having coffee with you on Tuesday and appreciate your frank and eloquent sharing of not just the events of your life, but of your feelings and other reactions to them. Keep on blogging.

And please keep checking in to WanderingDave.com. You really understand not only what I'm tryihng to do, but how it represents a real paradigm shift (a much=abused term used appropriately in this case, I believe) as described by the Time Magazine coverage this week.