Thursday, December 28, 2006

You CAN say No

It was very flattering, to be asked to be the New Years Eve entertainment.  To play my keyboard, doing my improvisations. I certainly like the applause, and I like to curry the favor of the old folks.

So I tried to select some material and decide what new materal to make...say, and new patter song with everyone's name in it.  And I tried the keyboard for loudness and decided it needed an amplifier.

I rooted around and found an amp, and it needed a power supply.  That took some real digging in the junk box, and moving furniture to get at it.  By then I realized.  I just cant do this anymore.  All this rooting and digging and scrounging parts and moving equipment and selecting music and making up words and printing song sheets, and so forth.

I was flattered.  They said "we liked your playing last time."

But  I had to say, "That was THEN.  This is NOW.  And NO, I  just can't."  But oh, how I wnated to.

You can say no, but it takes something out of you.


bamawmn46 said...

WOO HOO!! Just being asked is an honor even if you can't really do it!  What songs were you thinking about playing?

madcobug said...

Sounds like you were well on your way to doing it and then decided you couldn't. Can you not just play some of the music you have and use your harmonica to accompany it? I think they all would probably like that.  Helen

garnett109 said...

Chuck , I have a hard time saying no also.
If you can't do it you just can't do it.

reconcilinglife said...

You did what was best for you. Happy New Year,Bam

mavarin said...

I don't want to give you a hard time, but like one of the other commenters, I think maybe you set yourself up to go all out, and then got overwhelmed by your plan. Could you maybe do a smaller scale performance, and recruit help with the equipment and such? Either way, Happy New Year!