Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chuck -- TIME's Person of the Year

Time Magazine has named me Person of the Year.  My copy of Time will arrive with a mirror on the cover, with a caption, "picturre of the person of the year"

I don't mnd sharing this honor with a lot of other people.  We deserve it.  Time cites us and sends us kudos for making the "information age" work.  We users of the internet, the "information highway".  We have revolutionized business and society like nothing since the printing press, and maybe even more.

Here sit I in my room in the old folks home, writing a journal that is read across the country, and in UK too.  And you, you post comments on it too.  You are persons of the year.

I get most of my news  from the internet.  I buy lots of things...books, toys, musical instruments, clothes, medicine... on line.  I haven't sold anything yet, but I could easily.

I have made motel reservations online.  I have bought airline tickets online.  I keep in touch with my daughter online.  We play games as easily as if we shared the same parlor. 

I met a lady on line in a game room, and we became romantic, took vacations together.  I have a girl friend online, though I will never get to meet her in person.  And pen pals, I have made lots of pen pals. 

Thank you, Time magazine, for recognising what I have contributed to society.  I was glad to do it.


madcobug said...

That is great that Time Magazine has given you that honor. A big hand to you. Yes, being online has opened up a whole larger world for us all. We do a lot of shopping online. Saves going into crowded stores and trying to find what you want. Sometimes we order online for things to be delivered at the stores then just go and hand them the order sheet and there it is waiting for you. Then some of it is delivered here at home. I have met a lot of nice people as friends in our journals. Hubby and I play online games also.
That is great that you can play online games and keep in close contact with your daughter. Hope you have a great week this week and may it be pain free. Helen

bamawmn46 said...

Isn't the Internet wonderful??  It has changed my life so much.  I often wonder how we ever survived without it!

mtrib2 said...

I can see  how the information age has changed your and many people's lives.   There are some extremely interesting and personable people I have met and shared my life with on-line.    I received two Christmas Cards from the U.K. for which I am grateful for the thoughts.    I have had help with my usage of punctuation from a school teacher and am studying electronical wiring through sites and books ordered.    There is so much knowledge to be found.    So, congratulations on your win of Time Magazines person of the year!    mark

nyboots said...

Just going through journals and learned you were sick. Im so happy youre back to yourself. Chuck, When I was in times Square Sat night, I looked around at all these gigantic moving billboards and information moving out like a  highway and it hit me...It is the future! The future is here!! And yes, not only r u man of the year but you got youself a #1 bestseller!! Ginger

tendernoggle said...

Right on Chuck!