Friday, December 22, 2006

Dinner at Eight -- Huh? No Way.

For seven years at the old folks home we had breakfast, dinner (at noon), and supper (at five).  The big meal of the day was dinner.  Supper was light.

It was that way in the military, too.  Dinner at noon.  K rations came in little boxes marked breakfast, dinner, and supper.  Note.  there was no such thng as "lunch".  So okay, we all adapted.

Then we changed cooks.  New cook serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Now "supper" is the orphan and all communication about meals has been lost.

I tried to order four meals for Christmas eve, I called them "supper", and four meals for Christmas day, I called them "dinner".  Cook called the supper "dinner" and the dinner "lunch", and it took us five minutes to get it straightened out using a routine that would have made Abbot and Costello happy.  Who's coming to dinner?  No, he's on first base.

What we need to do is get rid of the word "dinner".  Half the world eats dinner in mid-day, and the other half eats dinner in the evening.  I'd like breakfast, lunch, and supper.  That preserves the precious late breakfast meal, known as "brunch".  So would our cook. Who would like to sleep in on Sunday morning and then go to "brinner"?  No one. Dinner is out, and lunch stays in.


garnett109 said...

Yep that's The way we do it here !
Army eats at 6-12-6
never had the k-rats but did enjoy the c-rats lol!

jennyp51 said...

When i was a child i had brekkie, dinner and tea, tea being the big meal, as that was when Dad came home from work.  Others then started calling it brekkie, lunch and dinner, so if invited for dinner did you go midday or night time??? LOL!
Supper was something you had late at night as an extra.  Basically as long as i get to eat i don't care what you call it.  LOL!
Jenny <><

msecz said...

sounds good to me too.... hope you win the battle... Sandra

bamawmn46 said...

It's always been confusing!!  Mom and Dad called it breakfast, dinner and supper.  When I went to school, it was breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wonder who can tell what it really is??

madcobug said...

We always called it breakfast, dinner and supper. Shame you cant have four meals LOL. Have a good night. Helen

jckfrstross said...

we call it breakfast, lunch and supper. because of our schedules our big meal is at 5 but sundays its lunch as the big meal. Merry Christmas


plieck30 said...

Funny entry. John told me about meeting a lady who invited him to dinner. John being from the country in south texas arrived at her house on the more ritzy side of san antonio at noon. When the lady came to the door she said aren't you a little early? lol Paula