Saturday, October 6, 2007


My desktop computer is in the shop.  I am having nothing but trouble with he lap top.  Nothing is the same.  The signin protocol is all changed and I have forgotten my Google pass words, which I seem to need.

I hate being without my Blog "fix"... and it all has to wait until a new power supply arrives from somewhere.

Oh, misery


garnett109 said...

Hope you are back up and blogging soon!

rocrebelgranny said...

Google suddenly decided it needed me to sign in last night (it never does that).  I thought I knew my password and had forgotten that I'd changed it when they insisted on 8 characters instead of 7.

First I went back to google to verify my username, then back once again to reset the password.

This time I have both of them stashed in my other mailbox (which I never use).

Google will send you the information but you need a secondary mailbox to send it to if your main mailbox is gmail.

madcobug said...

Hope you get your computer back soon. I don't like using my laptop either. That was such a waste in me getting that thing. I would just give it to my daughter but since hubby gave it to me I can't do that. I only use it in case of emergency. Helen

hewasolddog299 said...

Sirry to hear of your difficulties. I recall only too well that feeling, having lost the power supply in my 386 desktop at a critical point during a job. I swore that I wouldn't let THAT happen again, so bought one from PC Power & Cooling that has run well to this day, some eight years later.

As someone else remarked, Google also asked me for a password last night. At first I thought my wife had been on, checking her email (a rare enough occurrence) but she claimed she hadn't been near the machine all day. So I guess they must have had trouble at their server farm and forced log-ins as a result.

At least you have a laptop to use ... ours is still moribund.

valphish said...

I just had my computer worked on for a week.  ACK... It was hard for a couple days, but then I kind of appreciated being computerless.  LOL  Now I have WAY TOO MANY emails.  LOL  Good luck getting everything fixed, Chuck... Hugs, Val xox

msecz said...

yes I know how it is.... My husband went out and got me another one after a week of waiting to decide what to do.... Its worse than being without tv isn't it.

jaymact1 said...

I was away last week and was computerless not being at home it was not too bad but if it goes wonky and has to go to hospital when I am at home  well that makes me mad I miss it so much.  Hope you are back up and running soon. Love Joan.

fisherkristina said...

I understand!  I was without my computer for about two months.  It was some of the most miserable months of my life, LOL.  I am typing on my computer for the first time right now in a couple of months!  It is glorious.  Just hang in there Chuck!

Krissy :)

chasferris said...

what a lot of wonderful support.... thanks folks.  Now here is the rigamarole I use now.  sign onton ie, then google comes up.  then search for ool, then on aol search for dribblebychuckferris, then add comments, and in order to add comments have to sign on to aol using password.  all of that withut missing a single keystroke on the laptops flat unfamiliar keyboard.  wow.  Now that I add comment, I can go back and make a new entry.  such a routine.  then IK will copy the comment and make it into a new entry. whee.

jmorancoyle said...

    Good luck, can't wait until you return.