Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Thank you, everyone.  It is wonderful to be able to get such immediate and great response and support.  I took a deep breath, went and committed myself to the move.

It is time to unclutter.

First, unclutter my living space by taking things to storage.  Then to unclutter the storage space.... and that will take even longer.



valphish said...

I'm very proud of you!!  Worrying takes so much mental stress.  Relax and give yourself a day or two of fun!  Love, Val xox

garnett109 said...

I'm glad it all work out for you, now have a great halloween!

monponsett said...

home*... lol

monponsett said...

If that hoe is moving you against your will... let me know, and I'll have one of my people go down and push the staff around a bit. I pay my family's debts, especially to WWII veterans.