Monday, October 22, 2007

Pet Weirdness -- weekend assignment #188

John Scalzi asks "What's the weirdest thing you've ever done with your pet?"

My dog Griff and and I were visiting the harbor in Oxnard, California, and watching the boats ply up the entrance channel. While we sat near the rocks, a sea lion came out of the water and sat on the rocks, and looked at us.

Griff was all alert and friendly.  To him, this was another dog, with big eyes and long whiskers, who wanted to play.  Griff darted after him, and the seal lion slipped into the water, and my big clumsy Golden Retriever jumped into the channel after him.

The sea lion thought this was great fun, and being the better swimmer began circling Griff, who was thrashing around trying to reach the sea lion. But in a moment, Griff was struggling just to keep afloat. I panicked, set my camcorder down, since I eas videoing the whole adventure, and prepared to jump in to save Griff.

Before I jumped in, Griff reached the rocks and dragged himself onshore, turned, ready to start the chase again, but I grabbed his collar.  I led him, protesting, and put him in the car, and closed the door so he could not head back for the water.

Meanwhile the sea lion came out of the water onto the rocks, and looked for Griff. He was ready for more sport with this strange red haired seal with four legs. I retrieved my camera and drove away while Griff and the sea lion looked longingly at one another.

If there had been a  You Tube in those days, you could have watched the whole adventure yourselves. It was on tape. 

    My Golden Retriever, Griff, on dry land.


msecz said...

I loved the story and your dog looks very easy to love also.... what a great dog to have

garnett109 said...

I wish I could have sen it,I love it when animals play!

plieck30 said...

Not many will be able to top this story. My dog Red went to the drive-in movie with us, Unexpectdly I might add. Paula

kateh2ocolorart said...

PAULA's response was pretty funny, a dog who went to the drive-in...unexpectedly.  That is like me taking a train ride...unexpectedly, but no pets involved.
I remember that video...wonder if someone could put it on UTUBE?  Kate

valphish said...

What a beautiful dog he is!  I would have loved to have seen his adventure.  I did in my mind =)! xox

monponsett said...

I grew up on a beach, and all my dogs have messed around with seals before... it is sort of funny how dogs think seals are bald, aquatic cousins.

mavarin said...

What a great story, Chuck! - Karen

madcobug said...

Griff was a beautifu dog. I don't blame you for stopping the game. He could have drowned after getting that tired. That would have been great to have seen. Helen

jmorancoyle said...

    Now that's a fun story.