Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have heard that November is Blog Posting Month.  I even tried to log on to NaBloPoMo (November Blog Posting Month). I will TRY to post something every day in November.

I may have trouble since I am moving tomorrow and my DSL will be shut off for a few days, but if I can get online DIALUP I will.



garnett109 said...

I'll be here waiting for your new posts!

tendernoggle said...

SO you are making the move! I hope you like your new home Chuck!
love ya,

rocrebelgranny said...

I managed it last year but this year I don't know.

I'll watch for yours though.

jocalodave said...

Chuck, I've spent the last 8-1/2 months not living IN a room, but OUT OF a suitcase. Everything I've needed has been housed in my car; but most of what I need is in one of two cases and a backpack which I routinely carry into each new temporary living space.

Now I live mostly in the LEFT side of my brain, so decorative and symbolic ITEMS are less important to me than to most folks. I rely on memories more than on such artifacts.

I've divested myself of a lot of tangible items over the past six or eight years -- and hope to get rid of a bit more before making my next move after returning from this trip.

I'm convinced that a certain amount of decoration and comfort adds to the quality of life -- but I'm hoping to test the lower limits of that collection of material possessions.

Best wishes as you make painful, but necessary choices over the next hours and days.


jmorancoyle said...

    Good luck with your move.

monponsett said...

My grandfather told me that he was thankful for every movemet he had at his age, but I think you're probably referring to something more literal.