Monday, October 8, 2007

Bold and Beautiful

Saturday, I boldly mounted my scooter and scooted to downtown Merced, over a mile away. that is "cross country" to us scooterists.  

I passed the "Blues Fesival" enroute.  I would have ejjoyed that, but the Art Festival downtown was my goal.  I arrived at the Art Festival.  About two blocks had been closed and dozens of booths erected for artists and craft makers to display their work for sale.  It is kind of a gigantic yard sale for artists. 

One display was erected by the local Art Gallery and consited of a clothes line a couple of hundred feet long hung with paintings of all sorts. I spotted one watercolor that appealed to me but it was unframed and cost fifty dollars. I liked it but would have to frame it.  Next to that was a watercolor by a familiar artist, my daughter. Same deal, I would have to frame it, and it cost Seventy-five dollars. I passed on that too.

But one bright geometric acrylic painting, on mounted canvas struck my eye. I asked and it was only Twenty dollars.  I bought it on the spot.  I loaded the picture in the basket of my scooter and sallied on.  At the Art Center I found my daughter at a demonstation table showing her technique with water colors. I showed her my purchase and asked, "What have I bought?"

"Oh," she said, "This is by Deannalyn Schmitz. Would you like to meet her." Deanna was at another booth demonstrating her methods. I was introduced to her and told her how her painting had 'spoken to me'." 

I would have liked to visit the street fair more but the battery indicator on the scooter was yellow.  And that is what I was too, Yellow.  I immediately headed for home while my battery lasted.  On the way home I scolded myself for being so timid. I arrived home, proudly carrying my trophy, but with plenty of battery power left. I went to town, shopped, and was home within an hour.

When I get my desk top computer back, I will post a photo of the painting.  I was delighgted with it, but felt foolish for scurrying home so soon. 

PS The computer company called.  The computer is ready.  Whew.

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sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you had such a lovely day.  :)

kateh2ocolorart said...

HEY Dad, sorry you didn't stay around longer!  But, glad you enjoyed your time.  Deanna Schmitz said to thank you again!  She was honored you chose HER painting!  Kate

madcobug said...

Sounds as if you had a great time even if you did cut yourself short on time. Looking forward to seeing the painting. Helen

msecz said...

I can hardly wait to see your painting.... I missed our art fair this year, darn

garnett109 said...

when you can't walk and you have to rely on a blinking indicator light ,I'd would of scurried home also.

chasferris said...

correcting name of artist. Deannalyn Schmitz

plieck30 said...

I admire you for going that far and having a good time in spite of your handicap. I will look forward to seeing the painting you bought. Paula

tendernoggle said...

Better safe than sorry Chuck...Hope you get the computer up and running!
Glad you bought yourself something!
love ya,

fisherkristina said...

Oh, how exciting, you got some artwork!  I can't wait to see it!  Now get your daughter to make one for her dear old Dad, LOL.  

Krissy :)

jaymact1 said...

Hi Chuck, It must be the time of year for Art Exibitions we were at one last week did not buy any this time but hubby got a few ideas as he took up watercolour painting when he retired. Sorry the battery made you hurry home how long do you get out of a charge?  Have a great Tuesday. Love Joan.

jmorancoyle said...

    That's so cool that your daughter is thought of that much that an unframed painting would cost that much.