Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creepy Mouse

   One of the weird changes to my computer, due to its recent "illness", was that the repaired unit has a creepy mouse.

   Use the optical mouse to put the cursor on an icon or "button", and leave it for a moment, and it begins to creep away.  Always toward the upper left.  Curious.  Maybe the mouse has a hole up there that I never noticed before.

   Sometimes it becomes a chase.  I put the moving mouse on a button and try to double click before the mouse escapes.  Right now it is sort of sporting, but I think I should try to track down the "bug" that my "mouse" has caught before long. The game is afoot at present, but I fear it will become tedious before long.

  For now the mouse is creepy


chasferris said...

It is the cursor that moves, not the mouse. That would be even creepier.

garnett109 said...

feed that mouse some cheese get it fat so it don't move lol!

madcobug said...

Hummm, I have never heard of a creeping mouse. That is something new on me. Helen

plittle said...

Hi Chuck. I'd check two things. Sometimes the optical mice (mouses?) get a hair in the little recess on the bottom, which causes the laser to constantly see a little bit of movement. Try blowing it out. Also, you may need to download an updated driver for the mouse from the manufacturer's website.

jckfrstross said...

try reinstalling the program again and see if that helps:)


fisherkristina said...

I would find that just maddening, Chuck.


tendernoggle said...

This would dribve me crazy Chuck! Like you though it would be interesting at first! lol
You need to find a mouse trap! lol
love ya,

jmorancoyle said...

    My computer suffered from the same malady. I would be holding it in my hand, and would go to click on something only to have it slip away and X me out of the program I was in. Frustrating. I finally bought a new mouse.