Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting Nowhere Fast

Listening to my heart, the doctor asked, "How much exercise are you getting?"

"None," I admitted.  Then noting that I have gained a lot of weight in past six months, I sought out the exercise room.  About the only exercise equipment I could easily use was a stationary bicycle. 

I mounted and started using the moveable handlebars. As I "rowed": I noticed it kept track of the "miles" I had traveled. When I reached half a mile, I decided to go for a goal of one mile.  I began to tire at a three quarters and the last tenth was tough, but I finished.

The next day I went back and started rowing again.  I reminisced as I rowed, remembering how, when I lived at the harbor, I rowed a mile a day each morning. So I began to mentally recreate my morning row.

At one tenth of a mile rowed, I said, "I have reached the main channel." At two tenths I said, "I am half way up the main channel to the cross channel." I rowed on.

Farther on I remembered the lady who used to wave at me from her apartment window each morning. At half a mile I said, "I have reached the turning basin."  I stopped and rested on my oars, and I really needed the rest. After my heart slowed to normal, I started toward "home" at a more leisurely pace.

At one mile, I was at my home dock, but I  wanted to do more than the day before, so I slowly rowed up my channel and back adding two more tenths of a mile.

Today, I think I will row south to the bridge and back.  That will be a mile and half.  The scenery wil be different, and I may see a sea lion on the way

LATER: I made it to the "bridge" and back. It was tougher going to the bridge... I guess the tide was coming in.  I will check online and see if I can find a tide table for Oxnard.  I haven't needed one for years. Best time to row would be just as the tide changes, picking my destination accourding to whether the tide is coming in or going out.

   I was very leisurely coming home, and when I got back to my "dock", I still had poop enough for an extra tenth of a mile... say 500 feet.

   I am sad that I have to do this virtually.  I miss the real thing..


garnett109 said...

Throw a line out and catch dinner!
Glad you are having fun chuck.

msecz said...

sounds like a good idea.... I have to get some exercise too.... I will use my easy glider and think of where I will go.... I too can keep track of the miles
Thanks for the incentive

plieck30 said...

Now isn't that odd my doctor ask me the same question. Guess I better get busy. I love this entry. Paula

mavarin said...

I love it!  What a great way to make it interesting for yourself.

kateh2ocolorart said...

Great idea, and good for you...not sure I COULD row or bike a mile today!

monponsett said...

I'd hate to see you liberate France, live to be 80+, then have a heart attack on a rowing machine. Don't go too hard, friend.