Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Just been on a photo assignment.  It has been a l-o-n-g time since anyone needed me. I felt important.  It was for a friend so it was not a paid assignment, but I treated it like one.  I was a professional photographer for couple of months, right after WWII.  I had three assignments.  One for an attorney got me a compliment, but the other two were washouts.  I didn't get fired, exactly, but there were no call backs.  One was to make record shots of two champion pekenese.  I thought they were pretty good, but those little buggers did not sit still for their portraits. For the other job I was to go to the greyhound bus depot and pick up film shot by a touring press agent, process it and make 8 x 10 publicity stills, return them by bus to the agent.  It was a hassle, all that meeting busses on schedule and rushing the prints.  I was glad when she decided my equipment wasn't up to the standard needed to make the qualtiy she required. After two months experience in photography I went to U.C.L.A. and took up teaching.  Teaching was good, but I miss my photos.

Todays assignment was to make a photo record of the graffitti that covers the wall and fence of my friends house.  I don't know if the record is to help catch the offenders by identifying their "tags" but my friend wanted a record.  I was surprised to find 26 eight foot panels covered with spray painting.  That is over two hundred feet of unwanted junk on his house and fence. 

Here is just one of the twenty-six record shots.  I hope it helps.

How would you like that on your house?


rrveh1 said...

Congratulations on Editor's pick!
It's  sad to see defaced property -
but very kind of you to "photo record" for your friend! _rRose

judypearllove said...

congratulations on being the pick of the week. I have been looking at your entries and even went back through some older entries. I had a very good time visiting you. I use to work in a living assistant home. I enjoyed it a lot. I now work at a casino much different and the people are not near as nice. lol I remembered almost all of those songs but when I read the one about the turnips I really laughed because my grandfather and I use to pick turnips out of his garden and eat them straight out of the ground. I thought I've never heard of a song about turnips. Then when I read it was a trick question it was even funnier. I liked Ginger Rogers but I like Fred Astair better lol well they both were great for each other honestly. My Teenage idol was Elvis  come visit me. I linked up to you so I'll be coming back. You can visit me if you have time with all these comments your fixing to get. Have fun
you can also learn more about me here

monponsett said...

Did you ever resolve that lawsuit with the Ferris Wheel people?



judypearllove said...

I just read your entry on the on going party you posted in Oct. I tried to leave a comment there but said sorry server not working so I came here. I think that was a wonderful party. I came in my red fleese warm shirt, jeans and bare feet (like I always am at home) I'm drinking hot chocolate and when I warm up here by your fire I think we should all have a glass of our favorite wine and toast to such a wonderful HOST. I think heaven will be much like you described here at your party so I'm calling this my heavenly party. I think it's wonderful that you are 80 and have a 89 yr. old girl friend. I see you like older women. I have always had an older boyfriend and husband. I have several entries on my boyfriend sense the death of my husband but this is my favorite
come visit I think you will find it very interesting. My daughter just came in and saw this graffiti you took a pic of and she said korn that is written on that building was a hard rock band, not very good, close to gothic which is on the dark side of things not good. Anyway have a great day and thanks for visiting and leaving the party entry had a wonderful time. I'm on my way to pick up some pics for a new entry in my journal. I'm looking for a digital camera so I can post pics easy onto my journal but haven't decided on the exact one yet. Just had to check my journals before I left and found your party lol Have a great day

picazza71 said...

I have added a like to you on my journal page. Hope ya don't mind. That way, after posting my journal for the day I can come here easily, and see what you are up to.
Thanks for being my first post!
Have a great day!

ceschorr said...

hey there, took your quiz (haha), got a 70... don't think that's too bad for just passing through:) another scooter owner.... lol, we are planning a scooter race here in CT, wanna join? we are racing our kids on their bikes... or grandkids.... or great grandkids.... lol... your journal is great, glad to meet you:) sara