Monday, February 7, 2005

Weekend assignment (ON MONDAY MORNING)

John Scalzi asked us to make a rule or two to apply to superbowl football.  Well, I watched the game, and this occured to me this morning, a bit late.

Here's a real late thought:  The game hasn't been the same since the forward pass was introduced.  It has become merely a game of kid's keep-away.  Send a man over the goal and throw the ball to him.  If he catches it, he scores.  Ho-hum.  Even his victory dance doesn't create much excitemnet.
Also the unlimited substitution rule.  Years ago. eleven men went out and matched their metle against one another.  When you left the game, you were OUT, like baseball.  Now there are offensive teams and defensive teams and special kicking teams and place-kickers, and even punt returners.  So who is playing whom? Unlimited substitutions has ruined football, just as it would ruin baseball.  What if you could call in a third strike specialist pitcher whenever the count favored the batter.  Then put the regular pitcher back in when the count went the other way.
And time outs for beer commercials?  How about one time out per quarter--period.  And why quarters? One potty break at half-time ought to be enough, especially if you limit spectators to one beer per half.

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kraztweety2 said...

I completely agree with you Chuck. I can't believe how much those guys get paid for wearing tight pants and hitting heads like rams do just to see who is "Alpha male". My Dad calls them big 300lbs guys "refrigerators" I told him I should start playing football. I don't have to run so I don't need to worry about asthma. LOL. That is horrible. Take Care. Jennifer.