Friday, February 11, 2005

Here I go again...

Here I go again

“falling in love with love again”? No.

Adapting myself to hearing aids. I started in 1989 with a pair of analog aids, and wore them assiduously for a day or two, but then less and less. And finally gave them up.

“Try digital aids” my friends said. “You’ll understand speech better and you’ll wear them more.” And I did for a day or two, and then less and less.

“Those behind the ear aids are cumbersome, try in-the-ear buttons,” I heard. So I did and I wore them daily for a day or two, then less and less.

“You’re not wearing your aids because they block your ears and make your own speech sound funny”, I was told. So, here I go again with aids without ear molds. A new design. I am determined to wear them all day every day. Stay tuned.

This is the start of Lent. If I wear them for all of lent, forty days, maybe I will actually get used to them. I hope so, for each successive set of aids has become more expensive: geometrically.

The first set was about $750 for two. This set is SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR TWO. EGAD.

(That is $3000-a-day if I wear them only two days.)


mavarin said...

I like your motivational tools: religion and money.  LOL!  I hope it works out for you! - Karen

lacaza3 said...

Holy crap batman...Thats a lot of money..I guess you better wear those suckers....
Donna In TEXAS

dvlwitgrneyes said...

Congratulations for being one of the Top 5 picks this week.


kateh2ocolorart said...

ACTUALLY, I hear if you do ANY new behavior "religiously" for 21 days in a row, you will have acquired the new behavior!  Easier than 40 days, and Lent is about fasting, or GIVING UP something.  So, enjoy...only 20 days more and you've got it licked!
Be TALKING with you soon!
Love, Kate

valphish said...

OMG, I just noticed you are on Ed's List!!  Congrats!!  You will get more traffic!  Enjoy!!  You deserve it!!  Hope you get used to your "ears"!  Hugs, Val xox

matthardyx1 said...

Not being rude but lent is just dumb.  As a firm Born again christian lent means notin.  it says not by r works but by the gift of god we are saved and to me lent is a work we try and do 2 please god to forgive us but however when we go they wont matter wat will is that we have trusted god and only god as r savior

plieck30 said...

Good luck on your new hearing aids. John just rather say "huh" all day. At least you are trying. Paula