Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Strange Vehicle

            Strange Vehicle       How it is used


Clange Bang Over my head.  I awake.  What is that racket. Then I see, passing my window, the strange vehicle on the left.  I dressed and took my scooter outside.  By this time the vehicle was parked by my apartment. 

Roofers use the rented lifter to raise them to roof level with the tiles they are using to repair the roof.  Not a mystery.  Not a new item.  Just amusing.


kraztweety2 said...

My father is a roofing contractor so I am very familiar with those machines. We used one to cut tree branches and insert a swamp cooler in the second floor window. They are very interesting to watch though. Take care. Jennifer. http://journals.aol.com/kraztweety2/MyBoringLifeInHesperia

cneinhorn said...

ahh, we always called them "cherry pickers"  used on power lines and such ;-)


lacaza3 said...

crappy way to wake up:-)
Donna In TEXAS

sylviam4000 said...

Hope your not thinking of hitching a lift. Keep smiling.
Sylvia x

labdancer51 said...

We call them " cherry pickers" here in the UK. My hubby used to use one at work.
Take good care.   Sandra xxx