Thursday, February 24, 2005

Recuperate with me--I

In this past week I have had about fifteen doctors.  They did not agree with one another, and that wasted valuable time and caused me great discomfort, confusion, and distrust.  But now I am better. Maybe there is safety in numbers.

(Thanks to Pauline)


mavarin said...

I'm convinced that it hardly ever happens that a doctor checks your symptoms and says with confidence, "Aha!  You have Globner's Disease! Take this prescription to the pharmacist."  Instead they have to test for all the things it might be, that the HMO will pay for, and hope that the results tell them it MAY be Globner's Disease, and not Natter's Syndrome.  Got to be frustrating for all concerned.


ryanagi said...

Ah...the dreaded "Dr. Whothehellisthat" pokes his nose in, asks "How ya feeling today?" and ends up on your hospital bill with a $500 consult fee. Yeesh.

ceschorr said...

hehe, i like the doctor whosthat? don't forget Dr. "idonaspeakaenglish".... (okay, that was a little mean...)

labdancer51 said...

Hospital doctors !  They must be the same the world over.   Sandra x