Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Enough for Alan Alda

HELLO ALL...this is Cub Reporter Kate, Chuck's daughter reporting on the status of Chuck today!  He's been hospitalized since last Friday afternoon, and after being poked and prodded in ALL the embarassing places, he's scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon.  Chuck asked me to update his J-land friends from time to time...He's anxious as anyone 83 years old would be at the prospect of surgery, but he has a wide support system of family, friends and J land readers that give him the courage to carry on.  We're hoping he'll feel lots better after recovering from this event, hopefully better than he really has in a long time.  However...he'll be out of J-land commission for awhile...probably at least two weeks. (Probably JUST enough time for me to finally learn his RIGHT CLICK mouse configuration.)

Here's his quote:  "If Alan Alda can survive a gastric resection while on vacation in Chile, I ought to be okay in Merced.  At least I am less scared than I was."

I'm sure you will be wishing him well, and I'll try to get your responses printed out and taken to him frequently.  He'll be out of it for a few days, we know for sure.

Keep on bloggin'  Kate



garnett109 said...

Oh My!
Chuck get in get out and keep me entertained!
I'll keep you sir in my thoughts and prayers!
Kate thanks for the info keep us in touch of his progress!

plieck30 said...

Get well soon Chuck. We will miss you but take your time recovering. Nice of your daughter to let us know where you are. Paula

plittle said...

Thinking of you, Chuck. When you get out, maybe you should go on vacation to Chile. Alda just did it in the wrong order.

bamawmn46 said...

I'll be thinking about you, Chuck! I hope you are out of there faster than everyone thinks.

Thanks in advance for any updates, Kate!

msecz said...

I will be missing you while you are in the hospital, Chuck and will pray for your fast recovery.

sunnybethe said...

HI Chuck,  Keep those nurses thinking like you have this one.  Have some good anesthesia dreams!  Bethe

madcobug said...

Thank you Kate for letting us know about Chuck. Chuck my prayers are with you during this surgery. May you have a quick and complete recovery. Looking forward to knowing you will soon be back home and be online once again. (((Hugs))) to you my friend. Helen

specialadyfink said...

Oh- Chuck-so sorry to hear that you need surjery.Know that I'm sending prayers up for you.You'll be having those nurses fighting over who gets to come in and tend to you in no time.God speed our friend.You are missed here in J-land/Can't wait to hear all the tales you'll be bring back with you.
Hugs and Prayers

jaymact1 said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery will be thinking of you. Love Joan.

valphish said...

Thanks, Kate.
Chuck, you are in my prayers.  You take all the time you need to heal.  We are all here for you.  We will miss your wit as we await your return.  God bless you, dear heart.  Sending big, warm hugs and prayers, Grandpa Groundhog, Love, Val xox

jckfrstross said...

Thank you Kate for sharing this info:) Chuck so you are in the hospital be nice to the nurses ok? you are in my prayers for a quick recovery


sybiljb said...

THANK YOU Kate for letting us know about Chuck
Chuck so sorry to here you are having surgery. Wishing you a speedy recover. I always look forward each day to reading your journal. Sybil

wwfbison said...

I came over by way of Johnny ~ wishing you a speedy recovery.  My thoughts & Prayers are with you.

msecz said...

How is Chuck doing today? hope all went well

garnett109 said...

Chuck Hope all is well , We are al pulling for ya buddy!
Get a few spounge baths pal and relax!

ellesa123 said...

Just another wishing Chuck well.  I'm one of his faithful "lurkers".  Give him my best wishes for his successful surgery and recovery.  Love and hugs!

jocalodave said...

Thanks for sharing this news, Kate. And nice to have met you week before last.

I fully understand anyone's aprehensions about things medical -- I'm a real doc-o-phobe, myself.

I've been under the weather myself and spent this morning at the doctor's office -- two-plus hours in the waiting room, then another half hour waiting in the examination room and (finally) about four minutes with the doctor.

He says "bronchitis." I guess I'm about the only person in town who's sniffing and coughing but who doesn't have the flu.

The docs generally know what they're doing and outcomes are nearly always positive. I'm hoping to be back in business by the weekend -- and I hope Chuck makes an even-speedier recovery.

Thanks again for keeping us updated. There's no knowing how many bloggers have Chuck in there thoughts right not. He's a great American and great guy.

Dave Burke

tendernoggle said...

Oh wow..I am so sorry......get well Chuck!!!
love ya,