Friday, February 1, 2008

Kollege of Musical Knowledge

Remember Kay Kaiser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge? Or Remember Name That Tune?

Here’s your chance. Here are lines from songs. See if you can fill in the missing words.

Left click your mouse and run the cursor over the blank to reveal it.

You made me love you.

I’ll never smile again.

Tuck me to sleep in my old Kentucky Home.

Two cigarettes in the dark.

Fiddler on the roof.

In the cool cool cool of the evening.

Three little words

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Love is lovelier the second time around.

April in Paris.

Never on Sunday.

Aint we got fun?

Allegany Moon.

I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter.

Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly.

You and the night and the music.

I get no kick from champagne but I get a kick out of you.

We were rough and ready guys, but Oh how we could harmonize

I’m in the mood for love.

Good night, Sweetheart

Good night, Irene

Good night, Ladies

You gotta have heart.

In the blue, blue blue of the evening

You always hurt the one you love


kateh2ocolorart said...

thought that was In the blue, blue blue of grass of Kentucky.  Oh well.  Didn't do too well.

garnett109 said...

i got 3 chuck

msecz said...

I only got 1 wrong.... they were my kind of song back in the day

sunnybethe said...

I thought I did pretty good for a 50 yr 16 correct.  My grandmother used to have a Piano bench full of music (Tennesee Williams, Stephen Foster) and I learned piano playing those tunes.

valphish said...

I got about 2/3 of them.  I love your quizzes.  Hope you are having a nice Saturday, Chuck!  Love, Val xox
P.S.  Our favorite holiday is coming up, G'pa Groundhog! LOL