Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lincoln Quiz

   A quiz about Abraham Lincoln. 

   Left click you mouse and drag the cursor over the answers to reveal them.

Lincoln was born Feb 12..what year? 1809

He died April 18, what year? 1865 

Cause of death? Assassination  BY John Wilkes Booth

Wife's maiden name?  Mary Todd

How many children did they have"  Four

   (extra credit for their names:   Robert,  Edward, William (Willie) Thomas (Tad)

Became president March 4, what year  1861

Served until he long.. Four years, one month, 14 days

Born in Hardin County, What state.  Kenturcky

Died in what state?  Washington D.C. 

What was the name of the theater in which he was shot? Fords Theater

Occupation when elected?  Lawyer

Other government jobs   Judge,  Congressman

Nicknames  Honest Abe and The Railsplitter

  (More extra credit: Mother's maiden name:  Nancy Hanks) 


garnett109 said...

I was 1 year off the dates and every thing else i did not know

sybiljb said...

Hey Chuck you sure he died in1965. Have a nice day

chasferris said...

LOL.... nope... he died in 1865.... I corrected my typo... thanks

jckfrstross said...

i only got one right :( love these quizes


jmorancoyle said...

    According to Tom Hanks, he was related to Nancy Hanks.

angelztchr said...

Wasn't his wife's maiden name "Todd"?  Her first name is Mary.  

angelztchr said...

Never mind, I didn't scroll far enough to the right....sorry!