Friday, February 8, 2008

One Man's Junk ....

   ... is another man's treasure.

   When I am bored silly, I go shopping in the aisles of the Stationery Store... Staples, to be precise.  And I am a sucker for bargains.  Consequently, I have a huge supply of assorted ball point pens.

   In order to dispose of some before they dry out and are completely useless I put a double hand full in a container on my table in the dining room. 

   "Oh," said one  of my table mates, picking up a bright green one, "may I have this?"

   "Of course."

   This reminded me of a day long ago when I had been cleaning up the backyard.  I filled a trailer with ivy clippings that I had trimmed from the hedge.  I needed to take them to the dump.

   In order to secure the ivy in the trailer, I covered it all with a worn out plastic swimming pool cover and wedged it down with a junk television antenna.  While I was driving to the dump a gust of wind caught the pool cover and blew it and the television antenna into the street.

   Before I could turn around,one passer by had grabbed the useless old pool cover, and another had grabbed the old television antenna, and both took off with them.  I laughed out loud.  I turned back toward the dump and slowly proceeded, careful not to let too much ivy blow out.

   As I was unloading the ivy cuttings at the dump, another driver hailed me.  "If I plant that, will it grow?"

   I said yes and he took the ivy cuttings.

   One man's junk is another man's treasure.


garnett109 said...

i threw an old lawn mower to the curb the motor was blown my neighbor had a motor but the body was rotted , worked out fine!

sunnybethe said...

I buy my jeans and seasonal items (Halloween & Christmas) at the Hospice, Salvation Army, Good Shepard Thrift shops.  My g/f and I never pay full price for anything anymore.


bamawmn46 said...

Being a special ed teacher (as you know), I have to make a lot of my own materials. I'm always on the lookout for things I can use. Everything is a consideration!