Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trade Secret

I'm going to let you in on a "trade secret".  Trouble is, everyone already knows it.

Hewlett-Packard sells a color printer, with scanner included for $49.  What? How s that possible. A  color printer...and it can be used as a copy machine, even without the computer.  How do they do that> 

Here's the not-so-secret secret.  You have to buy ink in their cartridges... at their prices,  A black and white cartridge, and a color cartridge come packaged together for nearly SIXTY dollars.  And.... and..... and just a few pages later the computer tells you "The ink is low."

The cartridge holds a minuscule dab of ink.  I  figure that my ink costs are going to be two or three hundred dollars a year... for the little dab of printing that I do. They ought to PAY ME to use their printer. The cartridges are packed in Somalia, or somewhere,  They must use an eye dropper to put in the ink.

Here's a thought: maybe gasoline companies ought to sell cars... of the old fashioned fuel guzzling variety, for ten bucks apiece, and then sell gasoline at the prices they have now.  They'd get richer than they are already.


garnett109 said...

kinda like buying bottled water!

bamawmn46 said...

I know. When I bought my Dell, I got a 'free' printer that copies too. Only thing is, you can't even buy the ink at any of the stores. You HAVE to order it online! See? Lesson learned... nothing is ever free!!