Friday, February 1, 2008

Sixty Years Later

In 1948 the streets were flooded with little cars, VW's.  They were so tiny compared with 'normal" cars that we called them "bugs".

The Bug was praised as the People's Car.  It was cheap to build and buy, and economical to run.  The promise of a "City Car" in every garage was made.  And we said, "Now why can't Detroit do that?  Make a little utilitarian vehicle?"

Meanwhile Japan did, France and Italy did.  Even Korea did.

Today scooting home from the market, I saw parked at the curb, a brand new bug.  Made by a U.S. manufacturer..Behold, it was a new Chevrolet, and it looked just like a VW. I don't know the name of the model.

We finally did it.  The U.S. has made a "city car".  Good idea.  And it only took sixty years to catch up. 

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garnett109 said...

we had the technology sixty years ago but we were a muscle car society

kateh2ocolorart said...

AMEN, Garnett!