Monday, March 17, 2008


Avocados are a wonderful fruit.  They are lush, meaty, good looking.  But they are an acquired taste.  You have to learn to like 'em, but when you do, there is nothing else like them. 

Large avocados have reached the price of $2.00 each. That is their drawback, their cost. 

But picture this. On the coastal plains of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California, grow miles and miles of avocado orchards, and the streets and roadways wind their way right through the groves of trees, with expensive, round, ripe avocados within reach dangling temptingly from the branches.  Oh, how beautiful they look. One could reach out and touch a thousand salads, a bucketful of guacamole, a platter full of sandwiches, just while driving down the street.

But don't do it.  Avocado growers are aware of the value of their fruit, even while it is still on the trees.  They know the temptations their bounty offers.  While they might let a passer-by sample one of their wonderful treats, they have to draw the line, because "poachers" have an easy mark. A poacher with an open car can gather enough avocados in a few minutes to pay for many a supper out.  The rancher cannot be everywhere at once to guard his crop.

It is strange to see such lavish fruit hanging openly by the roadside, and very tempting, but unless you have hopped up escape vehicle, don't pick your avocados from the tree. You might just happen to be in view of a jealous orchard owner, and the law is on his side... and he protects his rights... he has to, it is just too easy to grab and run.

My wife's aunt had a full grown tree in her yard. Oh, how we loved our visits there.  But she too, had to guard her avocados, even though they grew in her own back yard.

Do you ever wish for a money tree in your yard? Plant avocados. 

Story about avocado theft.

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garnett109 said...

You sure do like avocados don't you?

valphish said...

Crazy, avocado thieves.  So, I like avocados with salt and lemon.  I dig out the meat with a spoon!  LOL  How do you eat them?  Yummmmy!  They have the good kind of oil, so I have heard.  Love, Val xox

madcobug said...

I don't believe I have eaten an Avacado except in a burrito or a side dip with tacos. I bet those big farms have security cameras everywhere. It would be a good idea to do so. Helen

fisherkristina said...

I like mine with lemon and lots of salt.  Like my sissy Val!

Krissy :)

jckfrstross said...

wow i never thought people would be so brazen to steal fruit or veggies


sunnybethe said...

I  have an Avacado tree in my yard and actually had a 12 incher last August!  I can't get enough of ice cold avacadoes in the summer.  I even have a basket picker to nab the ones high in the tree.

hugz, Bethe