Saturday, March 22, 2008

Never Worked So Hard...

...for an unsatisfactory picture

          Not Worth the Effort

I got up at six am and went out to look at the sky. It was dark, and wow, there in the west, just setting was a round, full moon.

As I remember, Easter, tomorrow, falls on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Vernal Equinox.  So that setting moon is the Easter moon.  It was beautiful.

I went back inside and told Jeanie, one of our early rising residents, about the Easter moon.  She asked, "Did you take a picture?"

Welll no, I hadn't even considered it. With my snapshot camera a picture of the moon would be nothing but a tiny dot on a black background. But then I considered... a shot through the trees might be okay.  So I went and fetched the camera.

Out I went. I framed the picture of the moon through the trees. BUT.... I got a low battery indicator instead of a picture. Back inside I went and located some batteries.  BUT the batteries are in a plastic package.  Have you any luck opening those molded plastic packages? Not I.  I struggled with package.  I finally asked one the caregibers to open the package for me.

I loaded the batteries and turned on the camera.  Now, all the settings need to be re-set. Fiddle fiddle.  I finally ignored the settings... the camera will record that I took the picture 1/1/2000 and 0001 am, but never mind that, get the picture

Out I went...BUT the sky was growing lght and the moon had set below the horizon. So I found a new location, which was not very good, being far from my original site. ..

There is the unsatisfactory picture up there.  Not worth the effort.  Time required to take an post the picture: One hour and forty five minutes. 

Happy Easter Moon

Post Script.....  first attempt at uploading failed. "Your file could not be uploaded. " (No reason stated... it is just that this photo is jinxed.)


kateh2ocolorart said...

it is just that this photo is jinxed.)

OH WELL....Easter Sunday moon fall might be just as nice, and hardly noticable that it is a sliver smaller.  Try again, now that you have the composition set in your mind.
Love, Kate

fisherkristina said...

It was worth it for me to see.  Uhm, not that you would do it for an hour and forty five minutes just for me, LOL.  But it is real special.  The Easter moon.


garnett109 said...

Happy Easter

sybiljb said...

I enjoyed the picture, hope you have a Happy Easter my friend.

madcobug said...

I can see the moon shining brightly behind those trees. Thanks for going to all that effort to share with us Chuck. Helen

plieck30 said...

Happy Easter Moon to you too Chuck. Just think of all that time you spent with that picture of time keeping you out of trouble. lol Paula

sunnybethe said...

What a chore.  I keep my camera in my back pack, just in case.  AOL whould let me upload pics either.  

hugs,  Bethe