Monday, March 31, 2008

Time to Boycott?

I am a poor protest leader.  The owner of the old folks' home said "No more candy as Bingo prizes."   What.  Not even those little miniature, "bite size" quarter ounce bars?  WELL.

I said, "Let's boycott the Bingo."  Nobody went along with me.

AOL has added a restriction to making comments to blogs.  Now you have to sign in, give a password, and then make your comments.  NERTZ. I have too few comments as it is.  I don;t want to sign in to make comments in other;s journals.  I don't want folks to have to sign in to make comments in mine.

Time to boycott AOL? But a boycott by me alone would never be noticed.  I wish I were a better protest leader.

LATER;  When I came back, and when I went to visit others' journals there was no restriction.  Curious how the rules change from hour to hour.  (Cancel the boycott)

EVEN LATER:  oKAY  seems back to normal.  sorry about the tempest in a tea pot. 



specialadyfink said...

ummm-I just added this comment and all I did was click add comment.
I agree minature 3 musketeers....yummmmmmmmmmmm

garnett109 said...

chuck i'm commenting on yours I don't understand?
Goodluck with the candy?

plieck30 said...

I heard recently the nursing homes here have banned candy for the patients because of the danger of choking. As for signing on to comment in journals, that would about do journals in, don't ya think? Paula

hunybea4him said...

are you on AOL's software or AIM?  Eiether way I think it has always been you have to be signed in before commenting.. and only pepole with an aim or aol screen name can comment.  maybe you unnoticably logged off and that is why it asked you to sign in.. and since you were already signed in it didn't ask for you to do it again when you went to comment in another blog.

fisherkristina said...

I have no problem coming into your journal without a password.  Maybe it was something AOL made a mistake with?  Who knows.  But I am glad we don't have to do something so political as boycotting, Chuck, LOL!  Just kidding!

Krissy :)

madcobug said...

I have no trouble making comments. I am wondering about the latest update and if that did it. I seem to remember that you did the update. I didn't but still have that aggravating sign wanting me to three or four times a day. I just click it off. I should have never checked into it to start with I don't suppose. Helen

bamawmn46 said...

I don't have to sign in to make comments to your blog or others unless they are using a different blog service....

No mini bars?? dang... what's bingo coming to these days??


kateh2ocolorart said...

LET EM GIVE MONEY for BINGO prizes!  That's what the old folks really want anyway!

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck I have to log in and use a pass word, but I'm not on aol account.
Sorry about no candy for bingo winners. I would be looking forward to win me a candy bar. mmm

jocalodave said...

I'm pretty sure that the determining factor is a binary condition: either the prospective commenter is logged in to aol; or s/he is not logged in.

Those in the former category are NOT asked to log in (again); that's logical because...well, because they're ALREADY logged in.

Those (like me) who are rarely logged in (because we don't use aol as our ISP (Internet service provider) must log in before being given access to the comments feature -- this creates a bit of a filter and a "trail" so obscene or otherwise undesireable commenters can be controlled -- but not really.

Sometimes you, or others, may inadvertantly be logged OUT of aol. If, at such times, you access aol.journals, you'll be asked to log (back) in.

That's a 300 word answer; 100 would have been adequate (but I didn't want to take the time).

jocalodave said...

By the way:

Viva la HUELGA!!

(long live the struggle/protest)

sunnybethe said...

For God's sake...GIVE "em Candy!  ~Bethe