Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Me and my Muzicuta

In other parts of the world, the harmonica is known as:

ruines babines ("ruins the lips") - France

fidil fhrancach (Gaelic for "French fiddle") - Ireland
moothie - Scotland

gaita (also used to refer to bagpipes and various other instruments) - various Spanish/Portuguese-speaking countries

fotzhobel (literally "mouth plane", also used to denote the panpipes) - various German-speaking countries

muzicuta - Romania

Mississippi saxophone, Louisiana saxophone - various parts of the USA
harpoon - various parts of the USA

gob iron - various parts of the UK

tin sandwich - widespread

--Dave Burke
Musicians say "I got my axe" to let others know they have their particular instrument with them.  --Chuck


garnett109 said...

The Southern Drawl, the slide, got your blues, pocket piece, your iron,mouth organ, chuck great entry on the harmonica

bamawmn46 said...

I've heard it called mouth organ (like garrett said...)


fisherkristina said...

I like gob iron!

Krissy :)

valphish said...

Ruins the lips.  That's funny.  Which is your fave, Chuck?  Love, Val xox

mavarin said...

I thought if you last night when I heard a Sinatra medley played on harmonica at the end of a jazz concert on NPR.

jacsher said...

Mountaineers in the South Mts. of NC call the harmonica a harp or a juice harp.
My daddy called it a mouth organ.
Chuck I like this entry, but the last one best.  Love it when you ACT OLD haha!
Great read, I stop by every once in a whilw to see how you are doing.  Seems you are recovering or recovered enough to be your old self... Keep it up..Jack