Monday, March 10, 2008

Lookijg Back...

...Looking back, it doesn't seem so long.... but while I was going through it, it seemed forever.

   On Friday, February 15 I stopped by myDoctor's office.  I was bothered by what I thought was gout, an inflammation of .the knees. "By the way," I added casually, "my blood count has been a little low, lately.  What's going on?"

   That's all I said. The doctor took the reins in his teeth and ran away, so to speak.  He ordered me th the NOT pass GO, Go directly to the hhospital. Then and there there the process began.  A day's preparation, and a "lower GI" exam. The doctor who looked inside found a bleeding tumor.

   He took pictures.  He scheduled an operation....  No more talk of gout.  My knee was the least of my worries.

   Then the surgeon took over and put me "under" and took out a malignant tumor

   Then it was recuperation, and then off to a different hhospital for rehab.  Then LONG hours of resting and struggling in bed to reach the bed controls, the tv controls, and some way to forcer yourself to lie still on your back for days.

   When I could get to the toilet by myself, I struggled to be independent again.  And then I had to do battle with the powers that be who control our release.

   Looking back, it was not so long...but in the midst of it all, it seemed forever. 

   I am back, weak, being vy careful, typing the best I can, struggling with the typos.

   and OH, how the Big C has changed me and my outlook on life.  New things seem important.  How wonderful it is to have friends to greet me online and wish me well.  Thank you thank you.

   Everything seems more important...don't sweat the small things/ Not even all the typos I made writing this.




msecz said...

Im so happy you are back .... it was a long time to me too. Sure hope you are feeling good. Sandra

madcobug said...

I sent up prayers for you Chuck. I am still sending them up for you. When things happen to us it does change our outlook on life. Lets us know who controls this universe. I can understand all the obsticules you must have come upon in the hospital. I hope you gain your strength back soon Chuck and feel much better, even better than before. (((Hugs))) for you. Helen

plieck30 said...

Nothing like a stay in the hospital to knock us down to size. I'm so glad you are better and back here. The typos aren't anywhere near important. Paula

garnett109 said...

my friend we are all glad you back with us in J -land Typeo's and all!

bamawmn46 said...

I don't care about the typos.... I just worry about you!!! I'm glad you're back home, looking out to your courtyard at your little Lime tree. I hope you up and back gnashing teeth with Charlotte very soon!!!

Love ya!!

jckfrstross said...

who cares about the typos? not me i am just glad you are back my friend!!!