Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Alarm Fire

   The friend of a friend, a retired single lady who likes to "get along" and not make waves, likes to live in a quiet neighborhood, awoke one night to smell smoke.  She discovered a smoldering couch.  She used her cell phone to call the Fire Department.

   "Tell me what I can do about a smoldering couch,"

   "Just give us the address and we will be there immediately."

   "Well, no, wait a bit.  This is a quiet neighborhood.  If your fire trucks come roaring up, there will be bedlam and all the neighbors will be out on their lawns gawking and talking and whispering.  I just need to know what to do to put out the fire in a couch."

   "Please, Lady. Give us the address and let us do our job."

   "I'll call you back."  She hung up and tried to put out the smoldering couch with a pitcher of water. It simply smoked more and burned on internally. She called back.

   "Please, I need help with this couch, but, if you could, no sirens."

   "All right, just give us the address." So she gave the address..

   Shortly there was a gentle tap, tap, tap, at her door.  She opened the door, and two firemen  tiptoed in, carried the smoking couch outdoors.

   There they ripped the couch to shreds and put out the fire without a word.



fisherkristina said...

Well even if it was quiet, didn't the neighbors see the firemen out in the lawn, ripping apart the couch?  The neighbors must have known what was going on!  Next time your friend better just let them come!  Can't be too careful with a fire!

Krissy :)

garnett109 said...

You are kidding me , Right?

sunnybethe said...

Like tearing a couch apart on the front lawn isn't going to attract attention.