Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obstreperous Polo Ponies

I observed a large multi-horse trailer turning around in the back parking lot of the old folks home.  You need a large area to turn such a large trailer, and the parking lot was perfect.

But I wondered, which of our residents has a string of polo ponies.  The trailer was the type that transports the whole string, six or eight horses. Curious, I drew near.

Wham, crash, what a thrashing around...those horses will kill each other crashing around like that.  I was worried. Then from the trailer came a plaintive, "Moo."



madcobug said...

Hee hee. Helen

fisherkristina said...


Krissy :)

sunnybethe said...

I see fewer and fewer beef trailers on the roads these days and more horse trailers.  It wouldn't suprise me that ehy are going t slaughter in horse trailers to avoid the PETA people.

take care,  Bethe

garnett109 said...

so thats where the beef is?

valphish said...