Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Quilt?

   It is five am and too early to be up but here I am.

   It give me time to reflect on the life in the old folks home.

   It is communal living.  Things are gonna get mixed up.  But a QUILT?

   My favorite quilt has vanished from my apartment.  The caregiver remembers putting in my closet, as do I.  But now, when I want it, it is gone.  Imagine.  Someone, in some apartment has been issued my quilt,.  Don't they notice: Hey, this isn't mine...where did it come from?  No they don't.  The caregivers tried to give me some shorts and a green pillowcase that belong to someone else... I noticed.  Surely someone must notice an unfamiliar quilt on their bed.,

LATER:  A housekeeper came by with my lost quilt... "It was in the laundry."  Uh-huh.  I am glad it is home again.


garnett109 said...

Hope you find it.
Have a great April Fools Day

madcobug said...

I hope you find your quilt Chuck. You wouldn't think anyone would have been looking in your closet to start with. Helen

fisherkristina said...

Maybe the new quilt brearer is senile and hasn't even noticed he/she has your quilt.  Not everybody is sharp as a tack like you, Chuck!  Make the retirement village give you another quilt!  Was it a personal one from somebody you loved, or from the home?   If it was from the home, make them buy you a new one!  Or even if it wasn't, b/c they lost it!  Chuck, go boycott!

Krissy :)

jckfrstross said...

glad you found it:)