Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I got an email that looked like it was from AOL...with the logo and everything, asking for a credit card update.

It asked for credit card number, mothers maiden name, and full social security number.  It also asked for PIN number and my password.

I tried to send without PIN and SSN and mothers maiden name, but it wouldn't take it with blanks.  I ALMOST filled it out.  Then decided to call phone number instead. I got somebody who said she was aol... and I think it was.  She updated my credit card info WITHOUT PIN and SSN.

I think she was legitimate, but the email must have been "phishing", looking for data to steal my identity. 

Anyway, I hope I have escaped the "phishers".  I sent their email to REPORT SPAM. 

Keep an eye out for these guys.  They almost GOT ME. I think I escaped this time.



madcobug said...

I wish you hadn't given her your credit card number Chuck. I have got those kind of emails before and called the real AOL number I have and they said it was not legit for they already have your card number and don't need it again. You might want to check in a couple of days on that card and see if there is anything charged to you on it or call the card company and let them know what happened. They may want to change your card number. Helen

sunnybethe said...

That happened ot me last December.  I also got one from "Bank of America"...I don't know, no matter how many times these "phishig" reports are submitted nothing ever happens to these phishers.


garnett109 said...

Never give out any info like that, keep an eye on your credit report

specialadyfink said...

OMG-first clue AOL never asks for that information-they already have it.Never -ever follow a link from someplace like that -even if it says AOL.Like the rest said call the phone number you 'know' is AOL and ask if they sent it out-chances are they didn't -I would call  my bank or credit card company ASAP and have it stopped and another issued -ask if there has been activity on it that you haven't done yourself.
Good Luck