Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Down the Drain, Out the Window

   Ninety-nine cents.  Down the drain or out the window, whatever you call wasted money. Now, I can afford to waste 99 cents, but to throw out a whole can of sardines...that hurts.

   How does merchandise come to be sold in the 99 Cent Store, anyway.  Because they buy odd lots, and non-standard stuff that the chain stores will not handle. They get a discount and can sell goods such as $2.25 sardines for less than a dollar.  And we can buy and enjoy them,.

   HOWEVER, I wanted a snack last night, and I took one of my bargain cans of sardines and found it was a non-standard can with NO opener attached.  Nor would the can fit a standard can opener.  I punctured the can, but could not remove the top.  I pried with a knife, a dangerous practice, and I even got a screwdriver to wedge under the lid. The olive oil leaked out, bringing the scent of sardines, but no fish.  Ah, the essence of fish...not everyone loves it as I do. If I could have snacked on aroma I would have been satisfied, but I wanted to taste the little sprats on my crackers.  No luck.

   I put the leaking can in a Zip-lock bag and put it in the trash.  I ate my crackers bare.

   Today I will buy a universal can opener that will open non-standard cans.  It may cost me $15.00 or more, but that's the price you have to pay to enjoy 99 cent sardines.


garnett109 said...

yep , that was a waste.
enjoy your day!

madcobug said...

Yes, that was a waste. I think maybe you can find an opener somewhere even if it is the old time hand twist kind. You might even find one in that dollar store. Have a good evening Chuck. Helen

specialadyfink said...

I have found that a lot of the foodstuff in the dollar stores is better than the name brand.But know what you were up against with the can that didn't open- been there-done that,LOL
Hope you find that opener-and get it at a bargain price,too.

plieck30 said...

Phew I can smell that fish from here. Hope you find your can opener. Paula

jckfrstross said...

you need one of the military can openers DH has one on his key ring and it will open anything:) never have liked sardines yuck


chasferris said...

UPDATE'  tHE CAN OPENER WAS $7.98 and is yet untried.  I pickeed up a $12.98 one first.  It was gorgeious with streamlined handles.  I may wish I bought it.

sybiljb said...

Glad you found a can opener Chuck. using your knife and screwdriver wasn't a safe thing to do. Have a nice day.

pamal3 said...

Hello I stopped by to say Congratulations on winning Sentence of the Week. I think that they should only have 2 different cans, one with a ring pull and one that any tin opener will open. That was a shame, I love my food so I understand the frustration Involved there. Love Pam xx