Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Old Folks go to Lunch

   Today thirteen of us old folks went to lunch on the old folks' bus.  Thirteen at lunch was not bad luck, it was good luck.

   Lunch was at a nice courtyard restaurant, al fresco. We sat at two tables and enjoyed chatting while we waited.  Of course, being seniors, we had trouble deciding what we wanted to eat.  And we changed our minds often as we heard our tablemate's choice and it sounded better than ours. 

   Then we forgot what we ordered, and when the waitress came with the plates and asked, "Who gets the warm Tuna Melt with potato salad," no one claimed it. 

   "What did I order," asked Sheila.

   "Chef's salad," I told her.  But the waitress brought no Chef Salad.  Actually she had ordered Turkey, Avocado, and something sandwich.  But it got straightened out.

   After lunch we discovered a large soft drink on the table that no one had drunk.  "Not mine." everybody claimed.

   Then the activity director who had taken us had the impossible job of finding out who owed what...for which.  Lou forgot to bring any money at all. Sheila and Rose were, jointly, five dollars short, Alberta had to write a check...and to whom should it be made out?  Chuck had a twenty dollar bill and needed change.  Jeannie counted out the bill to the penny, and paid in quarters. Doris had to talk Alberta into including her in the check she was writing and Doris would give Alberta the money...more or less. But it all got done.

   Almost everyone had a plastic container to take home, with left overs. We don't eat a lot at a time, and restaurants serve more than seniors eat. Of course, no one would consider not taking their left overs home.

   It was a wonderful outing, with good food and great ambiance. We are making plans for next month.



garnett109 said...

Nice little outdoor get together , I can't wait for warmer weather!

bamawmn46 said...

sounds wonderful!!  I'm sitting here trying to decide upon dinner....


madcobug said...

Glad that you had a good day Chuck. Hope the next one is as good. Helen

msecz said...

thats a great thing to do//// just maybe next time they may figure out to bring some money along. lol Glad you went and had a good time

kateh2ocolorart said...

GUESS since you were outdoors you didn't notice one of your favorite local artists' work indoors?
no, not mine

sybiljb said...

Glad you enjoyed your day out Chuck, and hope you get out again soon.

jckfrstross said...

what fun:) enjoy your friday


valphish said...

Oh, sounds nice!  I always bring leftovers home, too.  Eating outside sounds nice!!  I hope you have a really nice weekend, Chuck!  I noticed you have been writing alot.  I am really enjoying it!!  Love, Val xox

sunnybethe said...

That sounds like fun!

~Bethe  Ü  

nyboots said...

hi chuck!,the activity director needs to collect a set amount before the trip and maybe even speak with the restaurant and have a set menu with less options all within the same price range.Then she gets the one bill evenly divided among the residents. I know from experience, its the only way to run a trip like this and keep ur sanity lol thanks for the laugh