Sunday, April 13, 2008

Less Lush

     Something seems amiss in the rose garden this season.  The blossoms seem less lush than last year.  They begin to wither as soon as they bloom.  Even our friend, Twiggy, who has the most blossoms of the red roses, and who has the earliest and most blooms, lacks the color and splendor of last year.




  Maybe the gardeners did not "feed" the roses over the winter.  Maybe there are fewer bees to pollinate them. I should have kept my promise to sprinkle plant food on Twiggy over the winter.

   The yellow roses came out early this year.  This is the most lush of all the roses, and it, too, lacks the wonder of last year.  Our friend, Jude, is the same variety as this yellow bush.  I am told that this variety is "Kennedy", but I don't know enough about roses to confirm it.                                               

                   Kennedy (?)


garnett109 said...

they are still beautiful to look at

madcobug said...

I can see the difference. Maybe they didn't fertilize them this spring or a blight of some kind may have hit the roses. It could be any number of things I suppose. Helen