Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Slogans from my Apartment Door

Isn't there anything on television except LAW AND ORDER?

There's something about a soldier

Put the blame on Mame

Fifteen minute intermission

Shirts and Shoes are required

Low on Ink .. As usual

Don't spit on the floor

Please Constrain Yourself

Limited Edition Available upon Request

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please remove your hats

My Pa can beat your Pa

If you curse the light, you will live in darkness

When shall we three meet again?

With all its faults, this is still the best country to live in

You forgot our date

Democracy may not be the best possible form of government. It is just the best one we know.

Before you sing a song on American Idol, be sure you know the lyrics --Simon

How come so many popular songs are written in the key of F?

So I forgot my pants.  Stop staring at me




garnett109 said...

Heres your hat what's your hurry.
Have a great day Chuck

jaymact1 said...

Nothing but Law and Order this side of the pond too. LOve Joan.

madcobug said...

Don't you go spitting on that floor Chuck or beating up anyone's Pa. Helen

tendernoggle said...

lol....Lord Chuck those are good ones!!!!