Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Printer Woes

   Are you tired of hearing about my troubles with my printer yet?  If not, why not?

   I fixed one problem by accident, and created another by accident. is NOT WORKING....again.

   I printed one copy of a document...largely pictures.  It quit in the middle of the second copy... for no reason that I could see.  I tried again and again, only to have it quit in the same place.  I spent hours on the problem with the trouble shooter program.  I gave up.

   I took another photo, added it to the document and tried again.  Once again it printed one copy and stopped in the middle of copy number two.  I was giving up again and unplugged the camera from the computer, and BEHOLD ... the printer started and printed a whole second copy.

   I opened the document again and set the printer to print five copies.  No dice.  It would only print one.  One at a time, that is.  Print one whole copy, and then reset the counter to ONE.  I fiddled around until I had UNINSTALLED the printer, by accident.  Since I didn't install it in the first place and I have no idea where the original disk is, I was stymied.

   I went to HP (Hewlett-Packard) online and downloaded a new driver for the printer.  Then I tried to follow the directions.  Did it work then?

   Well, no.

   So now I have an inoperative printer, with no driver, no start up disk, and no way to make it work.

   Stay tuned.



madcobug said...

Chuck sometimes if you unplug the printer and let stay a few minutes and then plug it back up it will work if that doesn't then try turning your computer off, unplug the printer, plug the printer back in and start your computer back up it will pick up and reinstall it. I have done that. It would be worth a try anyway. Helen

kateh2ocolorart said...


garnett109 said...

bought a brand spanking new printer for the old computer, that computer went kaputz, bought new computer now the printer is not compatible with it , i feel your pain .

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck. I know what you mean about trouble with your printer I have a HP printer that I bought recently.  I was printing out one picture and it kept printing until it had printed four. Made in China. Have a nice day.

specialadyfink said...

Un plug your printer-wait 30 minuts (go have a cuppa) Come back -plug it in.If you don't see a little anouncement that the computer found new hardware.. click on control panel-printers and other harware-add printer-then follow the wizard instructions--since you don't have a disc just try to find one on the list that is simular to yours if not exact-then finish the setup-This doesn't always work but I'll cross my fingers for ya....