Saturday, April 12, 2008


   J was tagged by Special Lady Fink and asked to tell several things about myself.  It is a game whose serious purpose to promote blogging and get more people to read more blogs.  Okay, so, even though I do not know Special Lady, I will play along...sort of.  I answer the questions...but I tag no other person.  I am a sem-good-sport.

What were you doing ten years ago?  About the same as  am, except I drove my van and went exploring the back roads of Missouri.  It is a historical area, and I enjoyed finding historic sites and studying the situations of past years...especially Civil War years.

Jobs you have held. School teacher, speech therapist, hardware store salesperson, public housing placement interviewer, zoo gatekeeper, bakery warehouseman, snack bar operator, auto parts store salesman, bookeeper for chemical fertilizer plant, encyclopaedia salesman, telegraph boy, phonebook distributer.

Snack you like.  Sardines, and canned sea food in general.  General foods capuchino, crackers, both graham and soda, artichoke hearts, and AVOCADOS.  Especially Avocados.

Places you've lived. By the Pacific Ocean in a Marina with a deck and dock and three boata...sailboat, power cruiser, rowboat with motor. Also in Missouri with historic sites to explore, Los Angeles suburb, Central Valley of California with all its fruits,nuts, vegetables.  Also on the UCLA campus, and in Beverly Hillis (Before it was 91240), Fort Knox Kentucy, near the national gold depository.

What would you do if you were a Billionaire.  About what I do now except I 'd hire a jillion people to help me do, fly, tour the 99 cent store.  Imagine what you could do with a billion dollars in the 99 cent store...(buy ten billion cans of sardines, perhaps.)

I forget the other things I was supposed to tag about, except I was supposed to tell some of my bad habits.  Yeah, sure, I am gonna talk about those?  Silly.

That's all.  Not tagging anyone else though.


specialadyfink said...

Now see that didn't hurt...LOL
Well -you don't know me hmmmmmm,I visit here from time to time---thanks for playimg along-very interesting life you have...
come visit more often
BTW here's a few more of my blogs-if ya have some spare time-check a couple out-
 connie main journal Christmas Story

garnett109 said...

If you were a billionaire you can own the 99 cent store

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))You had alot of jobs,I know I wont have as many as you have.I like all the places you lived at.I love the beach.

valphish said...

Oh, Chuck, you are sooooo interesting!!  LOL  This entry reminds me why I read you!!  So, have you ever tried avocado with lemon and salt?  How do you eat your avocado?  Do you eat the meat right out of the fruit?  Right off the skin?  Wondering... Um, you held quite an array of jobs.  Which was your favorite.  Okay, I am giving you more questions.  Sorry.  LOL  Hope you are having a nice weekend, my friend.  Hey, I am doing my sentence game, this weekend, posting it again, six new letters, if you want to participate.  I am posting in about an hour.  Come give a sentence if you would like!  Hugs, Val xox

kateh2ocolorart said...

Comment from garnett109
4/12/08 8:58 AM | Permalink
If you were a billionaire you can own the 99 cent store

ROFLMAO...Now THAT's thinking garnett!!!  Kate

sybiljb said...

Nice entry. What happen to the $.10 stores I guess they have gone up to $.99 now.Lol. Have a nice weekend.