Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nine Years Later

   I have lived in Merced, California, for nine years.  Today I went for a ride in the old folks' home bus.  What a difference.

   The sleepy rural small town has become busy metropolis.  The state has bought land, improved it, built a state university here. Dozens of new medical buildings have been built, featuring specialists of all kinds. No need to go to Fresno or Sacramento or San Francisco for many treatments.  Huge stores from national chains have been built.  Best Buy and Barnes and Noble are just two examples.

   Where did all the doctors that man those medical buildings come from? Or the computer specialists? Did we train all those?  Are they our kids from our own schools? Where did the musicians and the artists learn those skills?

   How about your own town?  I'll bet it is a lot different in past nine years, too.

   Another thing I discovered.  A ride on our jiggly, rough riding bus is a great laxative.  Feel sluggish? Take a ride on our bus.

   SIGN ON MY DOOR:  No Words of Wisdom Today.  Make up your own impertinent slogan and check back here later.



fisherkristina said...

Love the sign on the door!  My town has really changed also!  And I LOVE my Barnes & Noble.  Who cares where the professionals came from, I love them too, as well as the common folk!

Krissy :)

garnett109 said...

I live in pa. it changed in the last nine years, more drugs, murders,no jobs and bad roads, oh they built a casino by me

jckfrstross said...

its funny how towns we remember are no longer the same. I grew up west of Boulder Co and it has sure changed over the years.  have a good week :)