Monday, April 21, 2008

Mid-morning Quizzle

   I awoke a while ago thinking it was five am, but it was only two-thirty. I had slept a mere three hours.  There is a full moon tonight, and I really want to go out into the south courtyard and bask briefly in the moonlight, but the powers-that-be would think I am nuts  So I refrain.

   Besides, it is cold. 

   Friend Wilma has suggested I "Go for it", but she doesn't care if I get into trouble. "What can they do to you", she asks, but her empahsis is on the you. That you, to her, is me, to me. I don't care to find out.

  So I drink some weak capuchino and ponder.  It is weak because I do want to get back to sleep and finish the night with some rest.

   Also I ponder my sentence in the entry below. Placing these anagrams took marvelous logo. Is it really a sentence? The verb is took, but what is the subject?  The noun phrase placing these anagrams is propertly a subject, but the whole thing sounds awkward and stilted.  I really need an extra word or two so I could say Placing these anagrams won me this marvelous logo, but that is outside the parameters of the rules: use only the six letters given.

   That's enough pondering It s time for some pillow pounding. I'll look for your comments in the morning.


garnett109 said...

Enjoy your sleep

valphish said...

What CAN they do to you??  LOL  I think it is an awesome sentence and an even more awesome graphic, G'pa!!  Love ya!!  G'daughter Groundhog xox