Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hoist on my Own Petard

   My toolbar has been erased AGAIN.  For the umpteenth time.

   David will again tell me that other servers are available. Isn't AOL listening?  Didn't they notice when scads of bloggers left them when they started putting ads on our journals...in space they were charging us for?

   No.  They know that I am too lazy to learn a new protocol, and too fond of simply clicking this and that and having my journal appear, ready for new entries or editing. I have been hoist on my own petard.  (You can look that up.)

   I tried to email AOL about this but this is what came back

AOL - This is not a known member.

   AOL doen't know who AOL is?  Incredible.


plieck30 said...

Oh my goodness. Sorry you're having trouble again. How frustrating! Paula

jmorancoyle said...

    AOL - abnormal, obnoxious and lame. Good luck with restoring it.

valphish said...

Oh my goodness. xox

peytonswater said...

My toolbar vanishes to. I find it totally annoying. So much I sign off then back on just to get it back.  The ads don't bother me, but I guess I started blogging when ads were already in tact ;)  AOL never listens. Just a fact.