Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big, Little, Good, Bad Day

   Saturday has been interesting.  It was a Big, Little, Good, Bad Day

   I like to show cars in our parking lot from time to time.  This one was a shocker.  It was parked in our lot with a sign saying For Sale, $20,000. So here is a big bargain for you...if you need a limo.  I wonder if they have put it on Ebay?



   While I was rummaging through the pockets of my power chair, I found a harmonica that I had thought I had lost.  It is the smallest one in my collection.  It is a fraction of an inch long, but I can actually play tunes on the little four-hole mini.  It is called an Oskamonica.  Lee Oskar is a well known harmonica maker.  This must be his smallest.  I put a full sized harmonica in the picture too, as well as a police whistle, a dime and quarter, for size comparison



   Valerie Fisher wrote to tell me that I had been co-winner of this week's sentence writing contest. (<-link) My sentence, made up of words starting with the letters D C N S T R is below.

   Deftly create new sentences to read


   Alas, my power chair stranded me in hall the other day.  I had to get a push home from a care giver.  It was a bitr humiliating.  I had to sit in the hall until help happened along. Then I had to phone SCOOTERMAN to come all the way from Fresno, CA, to restore it.  Diagnosis: new batteries needed.  Here s the chair, in disassembled state awaiting batteries.  What's so bad about that?  The cost... yikes.,  with the service call...nearly three hundred dollars.




garnett109 said...

Sorry to here about your scooter.
Enjoy your weekend!

madcobug said...

Wonder who they thought would buy that limo in the place where you live. Visiting maybe? Now that is a tiny little music maker. You did good on the sentence making, congrats for winning. I hope your battery gets there soon so you will have a good set of wheels. Glad that didn't happen when you went to the store. Helen

specialadyfink said...

Congrats on the sentence win .
My dad played the harmonica-I loved to listen to the train coming and going..
well If I had $20,000 to spare I'd get that limo and go into business.Cheap start up fee actually.Then  we'd have to  pray it corners like it's on rails....LOL

buggieboo1 said...

congrats on winning the secentes!
it's always fun finding things you thought you lost!

make it a great day!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))Congrat on winning the Sentences game.Wow that is alot of money for what you had to go through with your wheel chair.Glad you got it all taken care of.

plieck30 said...

I like your sentence. Sorry your wheels are down. Paula

kateh2ocolorart said...

AT LEAST there wasn't any UGLY in that day!  Kate

msecz said...

but worth every penny / what would you do without that chair. have a nice day

merry1621 said...

I read your "All About Me" on the side.  I must say, you are doing great I think!  You know what's going on in the world and what's worth worrying about & what is not.  I took care of my Mom the last few years she lived. She died at 83 in 2001. She was diabetic, had emphesma, was blind, but she listened to the TV news.  I never had to read a paper because she kept me well informed.  You have a wonderful attitude, and it was a pleasure to read your journal  I'll be back to visit another day.  Take care, Merry

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on winning the weekly sentence!! your's was a great sentence!!

wow, that was a small harmonica!! I don't think I've ever seen one that small


valphish said...

Wow, $3,000!  Yikes!  Congrats on winning the Weekly Sentence!!  I love it when sentences are about the game itself, how clever!  Hugs to you G'pa G'hog!  Love, Val xox