Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's All in the Mind

   AOL tricked me. The said they were showing "Racy" pcitures of Stephanie Rice, Olympic swimmer.

   The were pictures of Stephanie racing...not racy pictures.  It is my own fault I got fooled.  It was all in my mind.  LINK


garnett109 said...

If you go down a little further she is in pictures with friends partying

plieck30 said...

Men never cease to be interested, do they? Paula

jocalodave said...

I think you're giving AOL a bum rap here, Chuck.

For starters, you may be taking a narrow meaning of the term, "racy." Not only is it defined (in my online dictionary) as only "mildly titillating sexually," but it also includes something "showing vigor or spirit." Certainly this describes this young athlete...

And then there's the matter of whether the Stephanie pictures are, in fact, mildly titillating. Well titillation is definitely in the eye of the beholder -- and I guess it's pretty easy to titillate this old guy because they work for me.

Just check out Chuck's link -- scroll down a ways and see for yourself:


bamawmn46 said...

Made ya look, huh Chuck??!!??  LOL

Perhaps you should have looked down on the page... those were more racy than racing!


sybiljb said...

Sorry you got fooled Chuck.