Tuesday, April 8, 2008

World's Oldest Newspaper Columnist

   Just had a visit from Frank Pelatowski who is called "The World's Oldest Newspaper Columnist". Frank is one hundred years old. His column is in the Mariposa Gazette a Mariposa, CA, weekly paper.

  His first column is about his days in the navy, which he joined in 1923. That is eighty-five, count 'em, eighty-five years ago.  He learned to sleep in a hammock.

   He has a web site, www.pelatowski.com, and you can get a link to hear an interview with Frank on radio.

   On his visit here, he was accompanied by David Burke, a senior activist, who resides in the same old folks' home as Frank. The conversation was delightful, and the coffee and cookie were free.


madcobug said...

Good for him still getting about at that age. Helen

jocalodave said...

Just a couple of corrections for the record.

The guy is Frank PELATOWSKI; his website is http://pelatowski.com

He also has blog:http://worldsoldestcolumnist.blogspot.com/

And, not very tragically, Wandering Dave was killed by a runaway truck on a remote onramp somewhere in the SouthWest. Though he won't be remembered, he will soon be forgotten. The sooner the better.

David Burke, on the other hand, is alive and well and moving on to new projects. Among these is serving as a "senior activist" -- thanks for that appropriate description, Chuck.

In fact, I may take on a new persona: Señor Senior Activist.

Se sé puede! Que viva los abuelos. Huelga! Adios compadres.

chasferris said...

I have made the corrections mentioned in comment numbet 2, below.

jocalodave said...

The third time will be the charm, Chuck.

It's PelAtowski. You got it all right except for the "A' in the middle.

Of course, stupid computers and internets won't figure it out -- ya gotta be perfeck!

Anyway, send your readers to PELATOWSKI.COM and they'll be in buisness