Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nine POINT One

   AOL introduced their newest system, AOL 9.1, not long ago.  What a pain..

   Nine point One lets you see the welcome screen, with news items, weather, and whether you have mail or not, without signing on.  Fine. But you cannot read your mail, nor seek weather in other places, nor search for news items without being signed on. So what is the big deal?

   Furthermore, under 9.1 my tool bar vanishes from time to time and I must spend time and effort to rebuild it.  Under 9.1 I very frequently get a "NOT RESPONDING" icon, and the controls go dead.  I have to quit the program and reopen it to finish what I was doing.  Under 9.1 I sometimes get locked out of my journal, unable to make entries, nor even make comments in the journals of others.

   Save me from "improvements" like these.



plieck30 said...

It pays not to jump into anything new, doesn't it? Paula

garnett109 said...

Yep , What Paula said

madcobug said...

I am so glad that I didn't upgrade. I will just keep clicking off the notice on my screen several times a day that wants me to upgrade. It says I can take it off by going into the control panel, add and remove programs and the Aol thingy but I went into there and it wasn't mentioned. I did remove the 8.0 I had there. You might go that route and uninstall the 9.1 version. Helen

tendernoggle said...

I too hate this new AOL Chuck.