Sunday, September 11, 2005

Early Morning Email

Eighty-one year old bachelor complains to his online girl friend by email >>

Sweet 'mater,  

   Here am I, at 5:30 Saturday morning.  Went to bed at 11. Slept the night through, I felt, and woke at 2:20, ready to get up. Persuaded myself to go back to bed.   

   Up again at 5:00, and turned on computer. I have been messing with monitor controls, trying to figure them out, and then messing with tool bar, finally getting it back in place. I like it at bottom of the screen.   

   It is dark outside.  The Autumnal equinox is near, so nights are lasting longer, nearly as long as days.   

   I went out for supper yesterday, so was spared the indignity of Old folks home Saturday Supper. Saturday supper, Sunday breakfast, and Sunday supper at the old folks home are "throw away" meals.  That's my term. They seem to be planned to be unappealing for some reason. Breakfast is sweet roll, shipped in and reheated, period. Supper is something like quiche, macaroni and cheese, ersatz sea food salad, in other words faux foods, things you are not expected to eat, only pick at.   

   Aha, I have in my refrigerator left over burrito, and two slices of apple pie.  I have a microwave. I will have a real supper tonight, probably after cards.  I have skipped cards two nights in a row. Hoo ray.   

   And cards!  Dumbed down rummy, night after night.  We tried alternating UNO with rummy, but it didn't go well.  We could probably manage it if we could dumb itdown a little, but there is a purist among the players who insists on a rule that the rest of us hate, so we just don't play that game. Well, he may have a point, the game is named uno, because when your hand reaches one card, you proclaim "uno", and if you don't you are penalized four cards. It is not the penalty, or the rule, it's the attitude of Mr. Purist, who points his finger and says, "You didn't say Uno, so take four cards." At this juncture I'd rather be watching television, or even listening to the activity director read to us out of a book.  That's the alternative to cards. We haven't played Uno in months.   

This email has grown to the proportions of a journal entry.  I may just save it and paste it in my journal.



PS  **Sweet 'Mater = Dear Hot Tomato

          Toodle-ump = Sugar lump


jckfrstross said...

Sorry the food is so bad. Glad you have a girl friend:)


fisherkristina said...

I can just see Mr. Purist pointing and saying "You didn't say Uno, now take four cards."


ryanagi said...

lol Maybe I should send you a set of "Old Maid" cards? Or Phase 10? Or Mille Borne?  ;-)

plieck30 said...

We use to have a lady at the center who insisted on passing a bag around to draw tiles for a game instead of everyone picking the one they wanted from the tiles face down on the table. Everyone hated to do it that way so they finally ganged up on her to dispose of that bag. Paula

valphish said...

ooops, Chuck, forgot to tell you, I will email you the tag! xox

valphish said...

hey Chuck!!!  I am going to tag you with something, but only do it IF YOU WANT to!!!  I read all of your entries even though I haven't been posting comments.  It is hard for me to post.  I have been here, though :-)..Take care, my friend!! xox

plittle said...

Sounds like you guys need to take up Texas Hold-em.