Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Sunday Seven from Patrick's Place

Every Sunday, Patrick asks us a seven part question, just to get our journalistic blogging juices going It is good when you have writers' block, to have a gentle nudge to get us going. Today he asks>>

You will be locked in a tape vault for six months and you can only have seven choices of television programs to watch.  Name the seven shows -- present or past -- that you'd want to make sure were accessible by your remote control.   Don't worry about listing them in any particular order...just pick seven you wouldn't want to be without for six months.

1. The West Wing.  Well written drama and it deals with real questions the president has to face, such as how to respond to terrorist threats, how to deal with unpopular issues.

2. Mash. I still turn on the reruns of this venerable series.

3. Seinfeld.  I've seen 'em all three or more times. I know what is coming, and I love it

4. Jeopardy. I love the challenge of the questions of all kinds, and the time pressure.  I am delighted when I know the answer

5. Do you want to be a millionaire.   same reason. Like to answer along with the game. see if I could have won a million.

6.  You'll Never get Rich with Phil Silvers as Sgt Bilko.  Alway conning somebody but then showing he has heart, and loves even hapless Pvt. Doberman

7.  Sherlock Holmes series.  Sherlock not as good as old movies' Basil Rathbone, but Dr. Watson was played as a real doctor, not as bumbling fool.



jckfrstross said...

Oh i love Mash my favorite:)


bamawmn46 said...

1. I Love Lucy
2. Andy Griffith
3. Steinfeld
4. Jeopardy
5. Sex in the City
6. Northern Exposure
7. Six Feet Under

A little bit of everything!!

mtrib2 said...

Mainly PBS of all science and history.  And CSI.  "The Big Bang Theory"  The Universe is measured at 11.7 billion years.  The very first two elements being hydrogen and helium.  The size of the beginning of the universe was that of a pearl.  We have the opportunity to be the first humans to know about the creation.  It sets my mind free.    mark