Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Television Review

Commander in Chief ABC Tues 9 pm

Story thus far: Geena Davis is vice president, and president has a stroke. International situation is sticky. Need the image of STRONG president. The next in line after Geena is strong arm. President’s advisors want her to resign, so ailing president may resign. President recovers enough to ask her to resign, so he can resign. Says he won’t resign until she does.


She agrees to resign. Writes speech. President becomes comatose. They come to swear her in as President according to 26th amendment.

Next commercial Quizno sub sandwich $2.99. Royal Caribbean cruises. Be sure to watch Lost next wed.

Donald Sutherland is the hateful, power hungry rival who will take presidency if she does not. They have conference in which he belittles her, her positions, and the female head of Rwanda. She is strengthened by his negative positions, so she takes office. Somewhere along the line the president dies.


She begins to assert authority. Secretary wants to resign. She prepares to meet cabinet and congressional leaders.


Presidents wife says “go girl” President Geena okays plan to save life of Rwandan female head and confronts Rwandan ambassador, who is shaken.

Commercial: watch Boston Legal next also watch alias and night stalker

Geena does not appoint husband as chief of staff. He is miffed. Later adjusts.

Geenas daughter doesn’t want to go to congress to join mother as she addresses congress. Rwandan guys seize female leader. Geena goes to congress -applause. She says

“Respect the office. People have the power. I am humbled”

Rwandan guys turn female lead over to US forces. International incident avoided. Whew.

Boston Legal comes on.

Shatner, Bergen, Spafford, Locklear, Betty White, great cast flashed by so fast cant comprehend. Tuesday is going to be a great evening for television this fall.


jckfrstross said...

Sounds great will have to try and watch it


cindys43 said...

Hey Chuck,  all this went on while I was watching the Amazing Race? :::Smiles::: well,  I was really just switching channels trying to cover it all.  

Tuesday night television... ugh.   Where's that book I've been meaning to read?  Perhaps after a nice hot shower, I'll crawl into bed and sink myself into that book for awhile.


mavarin said...

I saw an ad for that, but I'm already watching Bones and House.  3 shows in one night (if it's not up against House, which it probably is) would be too many for me! - Karen

bamawmn46 said...

Chuck,  I aagree with you.  I think Tuesday nights will be the TV night of the week.  I watched part of CIC and BL.  BL reminds me a little of Allie McBeal.  We'll see.....  Jackie

memes121 said...

Commander in Chief is gonna be good. Bout time we girls showed em how it's done!

hewasolddog299 said...

If you get a chance, give HOUSE a try. Delightfully snark performance by Hugh Laurie. On Fox after the pennant race is over.

The premise of CiC sounds remarkably close to a short story by Robert Heinlein. I'll have to nose around to find the title, but I remember the plot quite well.